Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Let's talk Horses

Welcome to our new look, I am going to dedicate this blog to Opinions on certain topics about Horses,, We still want to here about your stories and experiences , but we also want to here about your opinions on everything about horses. I guess that right now being new with horses , I have been experiencing alot of new stuff ,, Joey my arab thoroughbred has attitude,, he is very playfull which is okay but ,, we were trying to get him to pick up his feet and stand still when we saddle him. We were doing really well with him and his feet ,, the farrier actually was surprised Joey stood so well,, because he had been doing him for 7 years and it was the first time he stood nice,, then my little mare got hurt and Joey just decided he was going to turn his bum and not have anything to do with picking up his feet ,,,He even went from doing really well under saddle to arching his back and refuseing everything we asked,, I am a little frustrated and am in the process of finding a really good trainer.

Okay ,, This weeks topic is Arab, Thoroughbred's and manors?????