Sunday, May 11, 2008

Finally a little time to myself

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately but alot has happened in the past month and I had no time. Since we brought the horses home, I have never left them, I am always around for feeding and bringing them it, this month I was away for long periods of time that of which I had no choice. My husband works long hours and he needed help so we had to rely on my neighbors and a close friend of ours. Everything worked out fine. It is so good to have friends and neighbors that you trust with your babies. I have had no time to work with them, so training is pushed back again. We were suppose to put the horses in the riding ring to get them use to it , but that hasn't happened yet. Things are finally calming down a bit so hopefully the training will start. This year it seems that there is always something going on that interferes with our plans. I guess we just have to take it one day at a time and hope everything turns out for the best. My list of things to do just keeps getting longer and longer and I can't seem to catch up. I do know one thing though, training has to start soon, because the horses are getting flabby.