Friday, December 03, 2010

Amazed at how many crooked "horse" people there are

Well it's been awhile, but I'm back. We have been having problems with the new horses eye, and today again the vet just left. Penny our new little girl, has UVitis again. this is the third time and we are getting worried. The vet never said it was cronic Uvitis, but it looks pretty cronic to me. We just have to watch her and treat it as soon as we see her eye contracting. We bought Penny a little over a year ago and have had problems ever since. You know , now that I really think about it, I should have seen it back then at the other barn, she looked very sleepy, either she was drugged or it was her eyes bothering her. I came right out and asked if she was drugged and the person said no.

We have been around horses for around 8 years, I know not very long but in that short period of time we have been screwed and lied to sooooo many times that, I have come to the conclussion that alot of "horsey" people are not very nice people at all. They all seem to just want money and don't care how they get it. I understand that money makes the world go round and all that crap but , to lie and cheat to get it, I just don't understand.
Why can't people just be honest. Penny is such a sweet little horse that I probably would have still bought her even if they had told us about the eye problem. At least I would have had a heads up on it and could have watched out for it.

When we sold Joey, I was completely up front with her and told her everything about him. I wanted him to go to a good home. That's another thing that happened (Sorry kind of off topic) , I was sure we found a good home for Joey, they were perfect together. Well come to find out that she abandon him at a barn and the barn owner had to sell him for board. I lost contact with him because girl that bought him from me stopped answering my emails. I also found out that she was bouncing checks and not paying farriers or vets. I had to track him down myself, and finally found him again. I have talked to the new owner and she sounds really nice and it does sound like Joe has found a good home. His new name if Yoshi and I am pretty happy about that.

Well guess that's all for now
talk to you all next time