Sunday, July 17, 2011

spring/summer 2011

Wow, it's been awhile, I really don't know where to start.

Well I guess I can start with the horses, training began in the spring after the ice melted in the riding ring, the horse hadn't been ridden all winter. When the trainer showed up they where perfect little girls...As the trainer backed Dakota everyone held their breathes but Dakota walked on like an old pro, the trainer even added pressure to the sides and mouth, Dakota was having a ball.. I really do think she likes to work. When I got on Penny she was also a perfect little angel, all went well with the training :).

Friday May 13 ...came along and I had been riding all morning with the trainer... again the horses where angels and all went well, we hosed them down and turned them out in the back to munch on grass. The trainer left and my husband preceded to get ready to go to work ... just another typical day, he was gone for about 25 minutes and I decided I was going to move patio stones and start the front walkway. I was out back and found a nest of red ants ...yikes "where is the raid" I walked up onto the deck and in the house to get the raid, coming out of the patio door as I was trying to keep the cat and dog in the house, I walked backwards a few steps as I turned around I caught the edge of the step and fell...I heard a crack and thought I broke the deck... As I lay there on my back .... I wondered how I was going to get back in the house and call someone. I lay there for a few minutes because I felt like I was going to pass out. I finally got up and tried to walk on my foot but..... nope didn't happen I couldn't put any weight on my foot and my wrist hurt like heck. I finally got up and hopped up the stairs and into the house and called my husband ( who was on his way to work) he says "what's up" all I said was "I fell" and he turned the car around and was back home in about 25 minutes.....we spent allllll the rest of the day in emerg only to be told you have a sprained wrist and a severly sprained ankle....go home and put it up and put ice on it. They gave me crutches and sent me home.

This was on a friday and I was to be alone all weekend as my husband had to work. Friends of ours brought me a wheelchair so I could have my hands free to feed the animals and cook dinner, and most important to bring my coffee to the computer :) My husband was amazing through all this .. he switched his schedule so he could be home to bring the horses in and take care of me :) Monday morning (4 days after the accident) I called my own Dr and told them the story and wanted to see her, they put me on a cancellation list and would call me as soon as they could. I just got off the phone and the Emergency department called and said I needed to come back in...the radioligist saw something "weird" on my extray... so off we went again ...9 hours in emerg. They told me a chipped the inside of my heel, and pulled all the tendons and muscles in my foot, I left there with a half cast and an appointment with a orthopedic surgeon the next day.

By this time my foot is fat, swollen and oh so bruised, bottom, sole, heel, toes, ankle. He put me in a full fibre glass cast and wore that for 3 weeks. After the 3 weeks I saw him again and he put me in an air cast for 4 weeks.After the air cast my foot is still swollen and some bruising,In the span of 2 months I went from a wheelchair to crutches, to a cane and now the cast is off finally, I'm still limping and have started physio.

No riding for 8-10 weeks :( . Hay came this week and I had to put my cast on for that... 418 bales....whew glad that's over with lol.

Having the broken ankle made me realize alot of things.... I'm alone, other than my husband who is amazing....I had help for the first 4 days of the accident and then no one, we had to hire a young girl to come and do chores and "babysit me". I couldn't even feed the horses. The worst part is having to ask for help. Everything happens for a reason and I guess this happened to show my you can't count on anyone but yourself and your family. Unfortunetly my family all live soooo far away :( I could only count on Don to be there for me

We're getting back on track and have slowly caught up on everything that had to be done around the house, training is back on but I'll have to sit and watch. I have a wonderfull young girl who will come with my trainer and exercise Penny, my physio therepist is very strick and I'm kind of afraid of her lol, so I think I'll listen to her and stay off the horse for awhile.

I will try and get some pictures up on the next post of the girls riding

sorry this one was a bit long, thanks for reading and have a great day :)