Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Drying up nicely

Well , I guess all the hard work last summer is paying off. My riding ring has no puddles and is drying very nicely. the paddock around the barn is pretty good too none of that sticky heavy mud, so I guess I won't be falling on my butt this year lol, or getting my boots stuck and not being able to move. The horses will be happy to, they won't have those mud balls weighing their tales down. We have taken them off the big paddock , because we are getting it ready for planting more grass. They are in a very small paddock right now and I think they are pretty bored. Hopefully Joey's training will start soon. Next tuesday we are planning on putting them in the riding ring , to get them use to the traffic, so they won't be so scared of the trucks going by. I also plan on parking my truck on the highway and honking the horn, so when some idiot comes by honking it won't scare them. I can't wait to ride Joe, it's been a long time.