Tuesday, November 23, 2010


first person to back Dakota .... Me :) of course I just sat ready to bail lol me and Penny

Wow, it sure has been awhile since I've been on here. I guess lots has happened since. Penny and I have been getting along great, I even tried a lope with her the other day. Since I've been on last I found yet another trainer, the last one kind of got too busy with traveling and putting on clinics, so I was slowly dropped. I have to admit that after that trainer, I gave up. I was about to put both horses up for sale and pack er in. I scanned the internet for trainers but wasn't too interested, I think I was sucked in too many times and was afraid to try it again.. but then I stumbled onto this web page called a thinking horse, it sounded pretty good but then again so did all the other ones. It took me a few weeks to finally email the trainer and ask some questions, well, she actually turned out to be really great.. I've had her over once a week since June and we're doing great , she is breaking my 7 year old ( Dakota had issues with her back feet and couldn't be broke up until this year). Kim (new trainer) has got me back in the saddle again and she is now riding Dakota. So happy with her and the progress she has made with both horses. I think Kim has restored my faith in "horsey people".

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