Thursday, June 05, 2008

Vet visit

Tuesday, we had the vet out for checkups, vaccinations, teeth and wormer, I know we are a little late, but at least its done. I was so stressed out about this visit because of the floating of the teeth. Dakota got hers done last year so I wasn't worried about her, it was Joey I knew they were going to have to use that big nasty looking metal thingy they put it their mouth to keep it open and I was not looking forward to it. Well it turns out I had to be away that morning and didn't have to see it. I thought they were going to have a hard time with Joey and they would probably have to sedate him. My husband even bet the vet he would have to sedate him. Well Joey surprised everyone, no sedation and he was a good boy and didn't try to kill anyone.
So all and all the vet visit went really smooth. Hmmmmm imagine that :)

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